Dec 15

The Value of Patient Appointment Reminder Software and Service

Having software to help keep track of medical records and patient relations is essential to the smooth operation of a good medical practice. As a matter of fact, the use of patient appointment reminder software by the University of Rochester as well as Johns Hopkins resulted in a 30% drop in no-show rates. When this is considered in terms of revenue, follow ups and avoidance of complications, the percentage is worth noting.

While there are plenty of different reminder software systems available, not all of them are created equally and some overcharge for the same services offered by other companies. Ideally, you want the most economical deal which offers you a phone system, group messaging, social reviews, and intra-office communication. This will streamline all office efforts and reduce problems significantly. With fewer no-show patients, scheduling obviously becomes easier.

An affordable service can be found to offer you excellent software and customer support without having to sign a term contract. No cost phone integration along with your Practice Management System initiates coordination of less expensive phone service. The software will compile social reviews for collection of data. Group messaging allows staff to send large amounts of appointment reminders at a single time.

You will be provided with an intra-office communication system which provides for greater efficiency in staff-to-staff communications. Reminders are automatically provided as part of this system and it is tied to the scheduling. Therefore, everyone can keep a clear eagle eye on patient activity. With free training and full customer support, it is impossible to go wrong. Even if it isn’t the right service for your practice, at least there is no obligation to stay with non-contract services offering such a wide range of benefits to your practice at low monthly rates. Your practice is your business, so streamlining it can result in greater profits.

With patient appointment reminder service software, scheduling is made easier. Everybody knows well that no-shows thoroughly mess up a schedule for the practice. It also causes problems down the line because patients need to come to their appointments to help avoid getting even sicker. Then there are the no-show fees to deal with and it makes it impossible for patients to afford to show up. The situation simply worsens from there and that is why this software can streamline medical office practices and scheduling so well. A solution was needed and many were created.

Possibilities with this software include voice and email notifications for patients, with follow-up to ensure they show up on time. The status of any and all appointments is automatically updated with all call results listed clearly. Special messages unique to particular patients and special appointments can be created as well to provide additional emphasis for the patient to show up. Other benefits include a way to get back all of the lost time for physicians and staff simply by taking client information and automating it through such a software and service. The result is improved patient health management and overall office performance. Paper mailing costs are also greatly minimized by software automation.