Dec 15

5 Kinds of Mobile Battery Technology

The mobile phone or handset has turned into an integral part of the modern world and for both personal and professional use. In fact, in today’s age a day without a mobile phone is just impossible and this is not only because of its significance of offering one with the capability of communicating while on the go but also because of its wide array of other features that it provides. Such advancements in the cell phone technology have necessitated ample improvements in the battery technology for powering them. As most of these functions and features drain the power of the battery quickly, naturally now batteries require being more powerful and longer lasting than before.

Explore 5 kinds of mobile battery technology

• Lithium Ion- In fact the technology used in these batteries is advanced thus allows for a higher charge capacity, which is relative to the battery’s weight and size. Owing to this, such batteries are quite costly and will not fit in the older phones. These have been specially designed for charging the modern Smartphones.

• Lithium Polymer- this is amid the most advanced version of batteries accessible in the market. It is neatly cased in plastic and is sleek, light, small and safe compared to other batteries. The best part about this battery is it will not suffer from any memory effect and will contain about 40% more charge capacity compared to other batteries

• Nickel Cadmium- as opposed to the two aforementioned battery types this one suffers from memory effects. To prevent this, it should be discharged fully prior to getting charged up again. As a result, these batteries have turned redundant and manufacturers of mobile phones have stopped using this

• Nickel metal hydride- with regards to shape and size this battery is similar to the Nickel Cadmium yet contains double the energy and thus can run 40% longer. As these are not made of any chemicals and toxic materials they are more environmentally friendly. No wonder it is largely used.

• New Lithium Technology- this is the latest addition in the mobile phone battery world. It has been specially designed for taking things forward via leaps and bounds. Its specialty is it is 1000 times more powerful compared to its lithium predecessors and in the future may take just a fraction of a second for charging up. Such advancements are at a very early stage of development yet will assist battery technology in catching up with the increasing speed of development that mobile handsets have gone through

Mobile phones undoubtedly are a part and parcel of one’s life and these cannot function without batteries. So batteries play a crucial role and will develop more and more in the years to come.